The Valley School is Closed

after 50 yrs of Serving our Community

     After 50 years of serving families in both Genesee and surrounding counties, we have made the decision to turn the page at The Valley School. During our tenure, we’ve occupied many locations including our beginning in a family’s basement, a couple of outdated, closed public school buildings, our first real home, Fay Hall and a handful of churches.

     While we would love to continue serving families like yours, the reality is that the enrollment numbers over the last year will simply not support our expenses moving forward.

     We would like to thank each and every family who has been on this adventure with us. We are ending our 50 years with staff that have served for as many as 40 years at Valley. Throughout the years, we have been able to showcase academic excellence, diversity, a family atmosphere that has brought the very best out of students and lead them to very successful futures. We have also been able to help build well rounded human beings who have gone around the world attempting to make a positive impact on it.

     Valley has been a family to many people during its 50 years in existence. We thank each and every one of those who have taught, worked, served, volunteered and donated their time making Valley what it was and what it will still be in many of our hearts and memories. This decision was not easy to make, but we felt it was the best decision for the circumstances we are facing. We wish you all luck moving forward in life and we all feel very blessed to have been a part of The Valley School.


The Valley School Board and Management

Every Valley student is… a scholar, an artist, an athlete, an independent thinker, a volunteer, an ambassador… one of a kind.